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The Fallen is a roleplay site for kids who are the children of the planets. At the Hideout they are safe to transform, and can escape from Them.
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PostSubject: THE RULES [READ!]   Sun Sep 19, 2010 5:18 pm


In order to join The Fallen, a roleplay forum, you must first register and have a username and profile. Please read the Introduction to The Fallen BEFORE YOU START. We want you to be familiar with The Fallen before you start using your imagination. Read the section below on how to roleplay if you're confused.

You must make a character before you start to roleplay. Go to Put Your Characters Here, make a new topic and WAIT for your character to be approved by an Administrator.

There are some additional rules as well:

-Please do not curse when you roleplay, you will be banned. Swear words like f*** and s*** are NOT allowed. If you need to say something angrily, "Dang it!" works just fine. However, if you feel that a very angry word is necessary, you may use damn, but only sparingly, please.

-Try to spell, punctuate and use proper grammar correctly. It is very frustrating when you can't understand what the other person is saying. Spell-check is a beautiful thing!

-Keep content appropriate, please. Anything above PG-13 level will not be permitted. Members are welcome to report any inappropriate posts or posts you think we should review.

-RESPECT! Enough said. Be nice! NO cyber bullying. We're all friends here.

-Wait for your character to be approved before you start roleplaying. And don't roleplay without creating a character!

-Don't make any more than eight characters. If you choose to take the responsibility of eight characters, you need to be an active and correct poster, or you will be warned and possibly deleted.

-In order to have children of Them (Shadows group) or the Sun (Sunkissed) If you would like to join a closed group, pm and Admin and we will consider your request. Permission is based on quality of posts and positive activity on the forum.

-If you are not a member of the Council, please do not roleplay during a meeting. For more information about the Council read below.

Finally, release your creative energy!

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PostSubject: How to Roleplay   Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:45 pm

How to Roleplay

When you roleplay a character, you must always remember the character is not you. You are playing someone else. This person is going to have different goals, flaws, wants, etc. But it is actually very easy and fun to roleplay a character.

We've all read books, watched movies. {Well, most of us at least.} Acting and roleplaying are the same thing, the only difference is when you roleplay you are staring at a computer screen.

-Only roleplay your own characters. Do not make any other character do ANYTHING. This is called powerplaying and it is not allowed! PM an Admin if this gets out of hand.

-It is very useful when you have more than one character to use different colors for different characters. In this way the other people roleplaying with you know that Susy says, "I like flowers," whereas George says, "Want to go swimming?"

-If you need to say something that is not in character, like "I am going to bed I can't roleplay anymore," you can put OOT, (out of topic), OOC, (out of character), or anything else that will send a clear message-Out of Character. Example:

"I want to pick flowers and make a bouquet." Susy ran through the field.

OOT: Isn't Susy so cute?

"Wait, Susy!" George yelled. "Watch out for the-" George tripped in a hole and went tumbling to the ground.

OOT: Susy is cute! Hey, I have a suggestion. Can Susy get captured by Them?

Good luck roleplaying! If you have any questions, pm an Admin.

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PostSubject: The Council   Fri Dec 23, 2011 2:28 am

The Council

The Council is the head of the Hideout. New Council members are elected as often as there is a demand for a new election. One representative from each of the following groups is selected, along with one character who holds the position of Judge; who heads the meetings and is the mediator in arguments.


Your Judge (Also called Representative of Earth) is: ?

1.) Representative of Mercury: ?

2.) Representative of Venus: ?

3.) Representative of Mars: ?

4.) Representative of Jupiter: ?

5.) Representative of Saturn: ?

6.) Representative of Uranus: ?

7.) Representative of Neptune: ?

8.) Representative of the Dwarfs: ?

9.) Representative of the Sun: ?

Admins are always keeping an eye out for good Council members. If you want one of your characters to be a Council member:

-Follow the rules
-Be a leader
-Post well! Be descriptive and make exciting plots.

New council members are elected on a month to month basis. Keep an eye out for more information on elections.
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PostSubject: Re: THE RULES [READ!]   

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