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The Fallen is a roleplay site for kids who are the children of the planets. At the Hideout they are safe to transform, and can escape from Them.
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 An Archeological Dig

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PostSubject: An Archeological Dig   Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:26 pm

For days Roxy had been procrastinating. As she wrenched open the door to the office, the stench of moldy paper and dust made her double over, coughing. When she recovered, she pulled on a pair of yellow rubber gloves and ventured inside. She had to push aside a stack of paper in order to get to the desk. This only created a domino effect. Soon Roxy stood on top of the desk, like a ship lost at sea, staring down at the wreck surrounding her. She thought about crying out to her sister for help, or one of the others, but it seemed that lately there weren't any to be found in the hallways of the Hideout. Once she could look at the mess without her stomach turning cartwheels, she heaved a stack of papers onto the desk next to her. An enveloped fluttered down and she examined it. Report Card. Dignity Truth. She'd seen this before, and it wasn't pretty. She tossed it behind her with a huff, then stared at the door longingly. It was going to be a long day.
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An Archeological Dig
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