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PostSubject: Bluejay   Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:20 pm

Twenty past ten. He wasn't late for class, since it started in about ten minutes, but he wasn't too early, either. Just abut right. He was arriving at the same time as most of the other students, which was a good sign.

If only everything about his life could be so normal, Alexis thought as he took his seat in the middle of the class (not too close or far to stand out). It was his first day of this particular course, having finished with his Statistic course last semester. He now had an extra credit and decided to use it in a language course, something that most refined, upper-middle class people took at least once: French.

There was something a little odd about it, though, he noted with a frown: he already did know French, though not the proper, schoolbook French. It had been so long that he hoped he'd forgotten how to speak his version of the language, though. It wasn't likely. Alexis adjusted the green-tinted glasses and stared at the board. The green tint was odd in itself, but if he claimed it was for a medical purpose then it seemed a little less odd.

It also his the spiraling, polytonal blue of his eyes quite well.

There was something undeniable different about Alexis. He had tried to hide it, convinced everyone he knew that his name was 'Alexander Vanderbilt' instead of 'Alexis Verier', hid the natural gray-blue tone of his hair with a constant dye-and-bleach job, even changed his accent to hide his southern origins, but the trained eye could still see that he wasn't fully human.

Five minutes left, he thought. Five minutes until class starts and nobody else will come in. Five minutes to hold out and hope no... weird people will come in.
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PostSubject: Re: Bluejay   Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:28 am

-So... hello! I am back on the forum again. And I would just like to say that this is brilliant stuff. And I don't know why I never pursued this topic. So, with your permission, I would love to roleplay with you. If you are still here. Which, if not, oh well. But I hope!

Jane Perpetuity wasn't used to being told what to do. The lawyer, a boring character with a long face and bushy eyebrows which made her want to attack him with a pair of tweezers, was concerned about her internet safety. Being the only adult figure in her life as of late and her assigned guardian "until further notice" as the papers read, she was inclined to address his concerns. Which was difficult for her, since she'd spent so much time after JM's death learning to take care of herself.

Internet safety had never been an issue for her. She didn't have email, preferring to preoccupy herself with the vast amount of books in the penthouse and the old record player by the window. Of course, occasionally she would go online to bidding sites and buy records. But only occasionally. Her main prerogative online were her college courses. She recognized her obsession with school, or in a better light, desire for knowledge.

As the lawyer was leaving just that past Monday with her computer tucked neatly under the arm of his suit, he had said something like, "Foryourownsafetyvirusespammerscantaffordtoendangeryourmentalhealthinthistryingtimeforyou." She continued to stare blankly after him until long after the elevator doors had closed. Later he had telephoned to give her the numbers of a number of colleges in the city.

Here she was. Was this déjà vu? She wondered. It seemed only yesterday she'd entered her first day at a public high school. And now, how would she balance all of this school? She answered her own question immediately. She wanted to learn. But who was to blame her if she would rather learn on the ottoman next to the fire than in a large room filled with college students, drinking coffee and complaining about money and last weekend's frat party?

She entered the classroom and took a seat in the front row, center. She counted the desks to make sure. Other students were there. She was embarrassed to have no one to speak to, so she leaned down to her yellow shoulder bag, pretending to look for her French textbook when in reality she knew exactly where it was, right at the front next to her pencil sharpener.
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