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The Fallen is a roleplay site for kids who are the children of the planets. At the Hideout they are safe to transform, and can escape from Them.
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PostSubject: INTRODUCTION TO THE FALLEN [READ!]   Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:10 pm


The eight planets in our solar system are not just planets. They have souls. And sometimes, they can take the form of humans. It's hard to imagine this being possible. There's something else the planets have. Children. Created from the atmosphere of their parent planets, the planet children will ultimately grow to become the planet they were borne from.

But the galaxy is in danger. They are the black holes in the universe. A black hole is a region of space time from which nothing, not even light, can escape. The goal of the black holes, Them, is to take over the universe so that darkness will reign forever. In order to achieve their deadly plan, they must destroy the planets. Which means: kill the heirs. In order to save their children from Them, the Planets must take desperate measures. The planets send their children secretly to planet Earth. (The children of Earth are actually everyday humans). Once the planet children enter earth's atmosphere, in the form of shooting stars, they are transformed into the form of human children. The only downside to this is the fact that the children are vulnerable and easy to kill when they are humans. But The Fallen are there to stay until the parent planets can destroy Them.

However, They have discovered the children's location. And They have children, too. The children of Them are trained and sent to Earth in human form to kill the children, ridding the planets of their heirs. Now the planet children must prepare to defend themselves. Scattered across Earth from the time they fell, the Fallen must join together if they are to survive.

This is a forum for children who are a sons and daughters of the planets; The Fallen. Your character can be the child of any of the eight planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, or one of the dwarf planets. Every planet child has more power and strength than the average human being, since they are created from their "parent planet". The characters in this forum have fallen to Earth from their parent planets. When you look out at the night sky and see a shooting star that is a little brighter than usual, it is actually a planet child falling to Earth, soon to be transformed into a human being.

The Fallen may have no chance. They will either destroy them or they will destroy themselves. This is why the Hideout was created; to protect and train The Fallen. At the Hideout they are trained to control their emotions and channel their power to destroy black holes and children of Them. The Hideout is located in an abandoned jailhouse. There is one cell for each one of the planets' children, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. There is a combined cell for the children of the dwarf planets and cell for the children of the Sun, which is usually empty because its children are so rare (Keep in mind that these cells are larger than your average jail cell.) The Fallen that are more experienced can ask to join The Star Searchers, which search the Earth for newly fallen planet children.

Every year on their half and full birthday, The Fallen return to their planetary forms. This is called the Transformation. Some fear it, others look forward to it. Their bodies heat up and turn into swirling gaseous storms that somehow resemble their parent planet... any human exposed to this will die almost immediately. During the Transformation they must be kept in a completely sealed, pitch black room, and this usually lasts for 7 days. They are dangerous and uncontrollable in their true form. Deep in the ground under the jailhouse there are dozens of rooms specially for the Transformation. Unfortunately symptoms of the transformation can occur at any time when powerful emotions are experienced. It has been said that sometimes a child's parent planet may appear to them during the Transformation.

In order to stay as safe as possible, The Fallen must act like normal humans. They must go out into the world, have jobs and go to school. The Hideout is the only place they can truly be safe on Earth, but even it is threatened by Them. Soon they will have to face the enemy.

Children of the Dwarf Planets

Children of the “dwarfs” as they are called, are different from the other planet children. You could say they are a minority. They are smaller in stature than the others, with smaller hands and small nimble feet. Their parent planets being smaller, they do not have as much power. They still transform like the other planet children. The three dwarf planets are Pluto, Ceres, Eris, Makemake and Haumea. The dwarf planet children share a cell.

Children of the Sun

In order to have children of the Sun, you must be in the Sunkissed group. In order to be considered, members must be active and good posters. Also, if you are friendly to all of the posters and especially kind to your admins you are more likely to be considered. Chocolate is a brilliant way to make your admins happy. Children of the Sun are very rare, and powerful.

Children of Them

Members who are active and good posters may have the privilege of joining the Shadows group. Those in the Shadows group may create children of Them. The children of Them live in a huge fortress in an location unknown to the planet children. The fortress sits on the top of a cliff overlooking a black, stormy sea. The sky is usually filled with dark clouds, and there is a foreboding sense in the air. Inside the castle the floors are black marble, and the only light comes from candles mounted to the windowless walls. The fortress also has a dungeon deep in the cliff that becomes half submerged with water whenever the tide goes up, which is perfect for keeping planet children captive until they are killed.

-No children of Them without Admin permission.
-Do not post in the fortress unless you have special permission, or are in the Shadow group. If you wish to request to enter the fortress with your character, for example if they were captured, pm an Admin.


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